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Here you will be able to find more information about the tools we have used for our project, on top of some documentation we needed to get started.


Master’s project report

Final report (PDF) Our full final report that we wrote for our master’s project, which ended on the 31st of August 2011. It includes explanations about the drone, the flock and communication protocols that may not appear in our articles on the blog. Besides, an appendix contains building instructions for our omni-directional robot.


SVN Repository

Google Code repository You will find here all the information you need to get our code and run it by yourself on your own machine -using your own LEGO bricks and AR.Drone.


AR.Drone Documentation

AR.Drone overview (PDF) Give a good idea of what the AR.DRONE is made of, how it works and what it is able to do. This document is an excerpt of the official Parrot SDK Developer Guide (See below).
AR.Drone SDK 1.6 Developer Guide (PDF) Documentation for the Software Development Kit that we used, provided by Parrot.
AR.Drone Open API platform Official and reference platform for developing applications based on the AR.Drone. Plenty of help, advice and ideas of what has already been done can be found in the forum.
AR.Drone official website Commercial webpage of the Parrot company that developed and manufactures the UAV we used for this project.
Parrot SDK License (PDF) Terms of the Parrot license we had to agree with.
ARDrone-Flyers Last news on the ARDrone provided by a community of drone-enthusiasts. Their forum and wiki are a solid source of information and downloads.


AR.Drone Applications

Some people have already made really interesting and inspiring projects involving the AR.Drone. We have tested and used some of the following for debugging during our developing process.


Windev 16 .EXE to pilot the Drone Program running on Windows made to pilot the UAV. Contains all the source code to create one’s own application.
AR.Pro Efficient application running on Android with computer tools to enable WiFi connections with the AR.Drone without having to root the smartphone. Free version is more than enough to pilot the drone ; tracking is enabled in the paid version.
ARDroid Another (free) smooth application for an android phone.


LEGO Mindstorms

LeJOS JAVA for LEGO Mindstorms. This is the API we have used to program our robots on the ground.


Android development

Android SDK Reference platform for developing applications on the Android platform.



Xpadder Useful software enabling easy keyboard mapping with a wide range of game controllers. A nice way to use a controller with a robot or the drone.

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