We are two French students coming from ENSIIE (an engineering school in Evry, suburbs of Paris). For our last year of education, we decided to come in Denmark to do a master thesis in the computer science department of Aarhus university. We’re both working on this same thesis because we think there are too many points one single student would have to achieve by himself within a semester in order to get a nice product in the end. Thus, we should deliver our work next fall and be granted with an engineering diploma and a master degree (if nothing’s failing us at least; let’s assume so).



In order to give names to put on this project, we are Michaël Ludmann (View Michael Ludmann's profile on LinkedIn) and Guillaume Depoyant (View Guillaume Depoyant's profile on LinkedIn). We have known each other for quite a few years now and we’re used to work together as a team (e.g. our last semester project involving robots). This project will probably be the most important we’ve done so far as students in terms of time and investment but might not be the last one we’re doing together. As an aside, we are currently looking for a job, given that we will be available once this project is fulfilled. We want also to give credits to Ole Caprani, our former teacher of embedded systems, who now has the responsibility of supervising our master project.


A question we’re frequently asked is about the name of the project: “Why LUDEP ?”.
Actually, we wanted something quite short, easy to remember which could suit to our project and be linked to our team. As our last names are Ludmann and Depoyant, we thought it could be convenient to make the contraction LUDEP and find an acronym for it – which is Leading Units & Drone Enabled Probing for the time being.


If you have any question or comment related to our work, feel free to send us an email.

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